Staffords’s Dry Cornish Gin 70cl


**Taste of the West Gold Award Winning** Stafford’s Dry Cornish Gin

The latest addition to our ever-growing spirits family is this amazing London dry style Cornish gin. The process starts with our award-winning potato vodka. We carefully infuse 15 botanicals into our vodka in our hand-made copper pot stills. The result being Stafford’s Dry Cornish Gin. The entire process takes us 6 weeks, but we think it’s worth every second!

A classic juniper led dry gin with coriander, pepper spice, liquorice root, bitter almond, citrus zest and 7 amazing Cornish botanicals ranging from sea buck to mint and even a spoonful of local honey.

If you like your gin dry and bursting with provenance and authentic Cornish flavours then it doesn’t get any better than this!


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